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Easter Treasure Hunt

Use this fun Easter game to help kids better understand the true meaning of the "Treasure" God has given each of us.

For Easter we have an Easter treasure hunt. We have groups of children visit 14 numbered locations around our church where they read Scriptures related to Holy Week and receive items or "treasures" related to those Scriptures.

We place the children, whom we call Treasure Hunters, into groups of no more than 10. We assign each group an adult Treasure Leader. The Treasure Leader has an "Easter Treasure Hunt Guide" that includes the Scriptures and treasures the groups will collect. Groups go to their first location (each group's location is different) where an adult called a Treasure Keeper asks them to read a Scripture and gives them an item or "treasure" related to that Scripture. The Treasure Keeper then marks off that treasure on the group's guide.

Lisa Keeling
Cedar Park, Texas


Treasure Leaders and Treasure Keepers all need a copy of this list.

Scriptures Treasures

1. Mark 14:3-9 Perfume
2. Matthew 26:14-16 Nickels
3. John 12:12-16 Palm Branches
4. Luke 22:19 Bread
5. Luke 22:47-53 Ear
6. Luke 22:54-62 Feathers
7. Matthew 27:22-25 Water
8. John 19:2-3 Purple Cloth
9. Mark 15:21 Cross
10. Luke 23:38-43 Sign
11. John 19:28-30 Sponge
12. John 19:38-42 Spices
13. Matthew 28:1-7 Stone
14. John 20:24-29 Nail


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