Easter Giveaways


Easter is our time to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.
And what better way to celebrate than to share the good news with
friends in your community? Use these make-and-take Easter crafts,
snacks, and outreach ideas to help the kids in your ministry share
the good news about Jesus.

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Where 's -jesus

Where’s Jesus?
Kids will make Jesus disappear from his tomb-and learn that Jesus’
real disappearance was no illusion.
Best for: Ages 5 to 9
You’ll need: Bible, sheets of paper, tape,
scissors, and copies of the Jesus cut-out (available at Web
Exclusives at childrensministry.com)
Have kids follow these instructions:

  1. Roll one sheet of paper into a tube. It should resemble a long
    toilet paper tube. Tape it to hold it in place.
  2. Roll a second sheet of paper into a tube. One end should be the
    same width as the first paper tube opening. The other end should be
    slightly smaller than the first paper tube opening. Tape it to hold
    it in place.
  3. Put the second tube inside the first tube, and trim both tubes’
    edges to be even. From one end, kids should be able to look into
    the tube and see through to the other side as if it’s a normal
    tube. From the other end, kids should see a gap between the cone
    and the tube.
  4. Have kids decorate their tubes.

Help kids use the craft to retell how Jesus died on the cross,
was placed in a tomb, and rose three days later! Have kids place
the cut-out of Jesus in the gap between the cone and the tube,
cover both ends of the tube with their hands, and count to three.
Then have them look through the other end where both tubes are the
same size. It’ll appear as if Jesus has disappeared from the tube.
They can shake him out and repeat the illusion with friends and
family. (See a video of Where’s Jesus? in action.)

Say: Our craft was an illusion. Jesus didn’t
really disappear from our tubes. Some people thought that Jesus’
empty tomb was a trick, too. Read Matthew 28:11-15. Some of the
people who’d helped kill Jesus wanted people to think it was a
trick. But we know it was for real.

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Ask: What helps you know that Jesus’ empty tomb
was for real? What helps you know Jesus is still alive today?
Say: When you show this to your friends and family, tell them why
you know it’s no trick that Jesus is alive.


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