Easter Extras


Early Christians often lit bonfires on the night before Easter to
represent the light coming into the world through Christ. You also
can use this tradition to celebrate Easter in your church. (If you
have this instead of an Easter Sunrise Service, your
non-early-risers will call you blessed!)

Check with your fire department to determine if a special permit
is needed to have a bonfire. Then choose an open area. Stack large
pieces of wood like a tepee.

The night of the big bonfire, have everyone meet one mile from
your bonfire site. Re-enact Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
Give everyone palm branches as you lead the parade to the bonfire.
Encourage people to call out their own “Hosannas” to God.

Once at the bonfire, light the prepared wood. Have a brief
devotion with a Scripture reading, then lead everyone in singing
praise choruses. Invite people to tell how the light of Christ came
into their lives. Close with a prayer of thanks for the hope
and salvation that the first Easter morning gave the world.

After everyone leaves, have your fire department make sure the
fire is completely out.

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Make these fun snacks with kids to remember the Lamb of God at
You’ll need: Plain cupcakes, white icing, vanilla wafers broken in
half, coconut, M&M’s candies, 1-inch pieces of red string
licorice, paper towels, and plastic knives.
Tell kids to:
-Remove the paper from your cupcake.
-Turn your cupcake upside down on a paper towel.
-Frost your cupcake all over and sprinkle it with coconut
-Press a wafer half to each side of your cupcake for lamb
-Use two M&M’s candies for eyes and two pieces of licorice for
the nose and mouth.

Tell kids that Jesus is often called the Lamb of God because he
gave his life for us. Then have them enjoy their snack.
Andrea Martin
Home, Pennsylvania

Have children create keepsake gifts for the people who live around
your church building.
Spray the outside of 4-inch terra cotta pots with acrylic sealer.
Allow to dry. Then have children place their hands in tempera paint
and grasp the sides of a pot, leaving two hand prints. Spray with
acrylic sealer and allow to dry.

Have kids transfer a small potted ivy to the pot. Fill in the pot
with potting soil.
Have kids deliver the Easter pots to people who live around your
church building. As they deliver their pots, have them tell that
they’re from your church and say, “Jesus gives us new life. Happy
Kami Simianer
Fort Collins, Colorado


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