David and Goliath: Grades 4 to 6


Bible Activity: Go for God-Form teams of three or
four. Have each team create a cheer based on the theme “Go for
God.” Then give each team a pipe cleaner, a mitten, and a bag of
assorted beads. The object of the game is to get as many beads on
the pipe cleaner as possible in four minutes.

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Have teams each sit in a circle on the floor. On “go,” one teammate
must perform the team’s cheer for God, put on the mitten, put a
bead on the pipe cleaner, and pass everything to the next teammate.
The next teammate must repeat the cheer and continue. Any team that
forgets to say the cheer is disqualified.

Tell the story from 1 Samuel 17. Then read aloud 1 Samuel 17:45-47.

*Ask: Why did David fight Goliath? How can we honor God in
our lives? What happens if we forget to honor God?

Craft: Beaded Pins-Give kids large safety pins,
permanent markers, and beads. Have kids each use a marker to write
“Go God” on their beads and string them on the safety pin.
Encourage kids to wear their pins as a reminder to honor God.

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Snack: You’ll need: Pop rock candy or rock

Directions: Give kids the candy as a reminder of the rock
that David threw to kill Goliath. Close in prayer with children
taking turns to ask God to help him or her overcome a personal
giant or problem.

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