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Can't Buy Me Love

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A lesson that will help show your children's ministry kids how to see others the way God does.

Scripture: James 2:5

You'll need two adult volunteers and a Bible. Have one volunteer dress up in fancy clothing, a hat, and lots of jewelry. Have the other volunteer dress in ragged clothing with no shoes.

Have the volunteers stand in front of your class. Ask, "Which of these people would you rather have as a friend?" Have kids vote for the rich person or the poor person.

Ask, "Why do we choose certain people over others as friends? Did you make your choice based on how these two people look? Why or why not? How does the way people look on the outside affect our opinions of them? Has your opinion about someone changed after you got to know the person? Explain. How does the way people look affect the way we treat them?"

Read aloud the Scripture. Ask, "What do you think the Scripture means when it says, 'Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised'?"

Ask, "How does God want us to treat people regardless of how they appear? How can we change someone else's life even if we're not rich in money or possessions?"

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