Birth of Jesus: Grades 5 and 6


Bible Activity: Hear Ye-Form pairs.
Give each pair parchment paper and pens. Have children read Luke 2:1-20 and create birth announcements for

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Afterward, have kids show their announcements. Then *ask:
What’s the most wonderful announcement you’ve ever heard? What did
the announcement of Jesus’ birth mean to people in those days? What
does it mean to us today?

Craft: Scrolls-Have kids use glitter
pens and markers to write brief announcements on parchment paper,
such as “Joy! Jesus is Born!” Have kids roll the top and bottom
edges to resemble a scroll and glue in place. Then have kids attach
a piece of gold cord for a hanger and decorate it with bits of

Snack: You’ll need: Have children each
bring several apples or oranges. Have sliced fruit and punch on

Directions: Gather all your classes together and have
children bring their unsliced fruit. Lay a sheet on the floor and
use yarn to make a tree outline on the sheet. Have children work
together to create a Christmas fruit tree within the outline.

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This lesson was created for GRADES 5 AND 6.


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