Best Practices in Family Ministry


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No-Miss Family Experiences
When you talk to families today, they all describe their
lives as busy, busy, busy. So adding more to their already-crazed
schedules usually leads to low attendance for events.

We struggled with this in our church, and eventually decided to
try the idea of scheduling our family events during regular
children’s programming rather than during additional times. For
these once-per-month or once-per-quarter special experiences, we
combined classes to form one large group and invited families.
We’ve done a range of things, including guiding families through a
learning experience of multiple touch-points such as a Bible story
experience, a family prayer space, a guest speaker or artist,
crafts and activities, and of course, snacks.

This approach has let us create several big “wow” experiences on
a Sunday morning when families have already set aside this time to
be together at church.

There have been several other benefits, too. Families love these
special Sundays, they invite their friends, and our ministry team
is energized (rather than drained) by the change of pace. Last-and
best of all-families actually come to the events we work so hard to
pull off.
Jay Hostetler

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