Easter Children’s Message


Wow kids with this incredibly egg-citing children’s message! Kids will learn that together and with God, they can do anything.

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What You’ll Need: A Bible, two cartons of one dozen eggs, two 6×15-inch pieces of plywood, a razor knife, and a tarp. Remove the lids of the egg cartons with the razor knife.

Lesson: Lay the tarp on the ground (just in case). Set the two cartons of eggs on the ground parallel to each other with about six inches between them. Remove one egg from a carton and hold it up.

Ask: What would happen if I tried to place all my weight on this one egg?

Say: One egg all by itself can’t hold a lot of weight. The shell is fragile and cracks when it’s given a job to do that is too big for it.

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Ask: Have you ever had a job that was too big for you to handle? Did you ask for help? Can you think of any jobs that need to be done in the church that are too big for one person to do alone?

Open your Bible to Exodus 18, and say: God gave Moses the job of ruling the people of Israel. But it was too big of a job for Moses to do by himself. Moses wanted to serve God, but he was wearing himself out.

Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, had a suggestion that helped Moses be the leader God wanted Moses to be. Jethro told Moses to get help. Moses decided to get many other people to work with him. They all served God together, as a team. (Pick up the egg carton, and return the egg to its place.)

Preschool Sunday School Lesson: I Am Special!

Look at these eggs. One egg alone couldn’t support the weight of a person. Let’s see if these twenty-four eggs can work together to hold someone up.

Gently place one piece of plywood over each carton of eggs. Select a younger, light child to pace a foot gingerly on each piece of plywood. Have other children stand on either side of the eggs to help the child onto the plywood. The eggs will support the child’s weight.

Ask: Why do you think the eggs were able to hold up a whole person? How is this like what happens when we choose to serve God together?

Say: God wants us to serve him. God wants us to do some amazingly big jobs — jobs that we can’t do on our own. However, when we serve together, we can do things that we never thought possible.

Guide the children in choosing one way to serve God together. They could combine their offering to support a child from Compassion International or World Vision. Or they could work together to clean an elderly church member’s house.

Close with prayer: Dear God, help these children understand that you want all of us to work together to do big things for you. Give us all the strength to do that and the wisdom to know what it is that you want us to do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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