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Three preteen boys participating in a Psalm-based Bible game.
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3 Psalm-Based Bible Activities for Your Preteen Ministry

Looking for some new preteen activities? Try these three simple Psalm-based Bible activities! 

3 Psalm-Based Bible Activities for Your Preteen Ministry

Who’s Guiding You?

Use this game to discuss friendship choices.

You’ll need:

Have half your kids pair up, lining up along one wall. The other half will stand along the two side walls.

Say: In this game, one partner will close his or her eyes and the other partner will verbally guide that person across the room to prevent him or her from bumping any chairs. The kids on the sidewalls will give misleading guidance. We’ll place the chairs after eyes are closed. Partners can walk together, but guidance can only be spoken. If you bump a chair, start over. Begin the game.

Congratulate winners, then have partners switch roles. Repeat so kids on the sidewalls get to be guided.


  • What was it like to guide? to be guided?

Read aloud Proverbs 13:20.


  • Why are the friendships we choose important?
  • What can you do to ensure you choose the right friends?

Michael Capps 
East Flat Rock, North Carolina

As a Deer

Use this experience to encourage artistic prayer.

You’ll need:

  • Bibles
  • paper
  • pens
  • other craft supplies

Say: The people who wrote the book of Psalms were praying to God in an artistic way.

Read aloud Psalm 42:1-5. Say: This psalm was a song, and others were poems. When you talk to God, you can do it in your own way. You might draw, sculpt, or make a collage. If you’re musical, you might write a rap song. If you’re physical, you might dance.

Think of what you want to say to God. Maybe you want to thank him, ask him for help, or say you’re sorry. Pause as kids reflect, and then give them time to create a prayer in an artistic way. Help kids who need guidance on where to start. If time allows and kids want to, invite them to share their artistic prayers with the group.

Shawn Vander Lugt
Johnstown, Colorado


Use this devotion to show that God is everywhere.

You’ll need

  • Bibles
  • one set of double copies of a map of your country for every four kids (you can find large versions in tourist brochures or print them online)
  • scissors

Beforehand, cut one of each map in a set into puzzle pieces.

Read aloud Psalm 139:7-10.


  • Explain whether you’ve felt that God is with you everywhere.

Reread the verses. Say: We might not always feel God, but he’s with us everywhere.

Form groups of four. Give each group a map puzzle and its identical uncut map as a reference.

Say: Assemble your map. For each piece, if you’ve been to the place, share how you know God was with you or how he could’ve been. If you’d like to go to that place, ask God to show you his presence when you’re there in the future. For other pieces, pray that the people there would sense God’s presence.

Afterward, invite preteens to share anything they learned about God or from God.

Steve Case
Savannah, Georgia

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