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Boy wearing a crown hands a sheet of paper to a another boy, not in a crown.
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Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Independence Day

This Independence Day, use this Sunday school lesson to help preteens learn about independence. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Independence Day

1. Paper Attack

Form teams. Then have each team choose a person to be a king or queen. Designate a dividing line down the center of your room. Have teams each stand on a different side of the line with their king or queen standing behind them. Give each person two newspaper wads to throw at the opposing team’s royalty. Tell teams to defend their royalty by blocking shots. No one may cross or reach over the center line. Play until a king or queen is hit.

Afterward, ask:

  • Which was more important to you, to hit the opposing royalty or to protect your royalty? Explain.
  • What did it feel like as a king or queen to have others defending you?
  • What did loyalty have to do with this game?

2. Leader Loyalty!

Say: When citizens of a country defend it and its leaders, it’s called loyalty. Let’s read about a country who was loyal to their king.

Read aloud 2 Samuel 18:1-7.

Ask: Would you have this kind of loyalty to our country’s leader? Why or why not? What helps you be loyal to our country? What hinders your loyalty?

3. The Bible Says

Form groups of three or fewer. Have groups each read Romans 13:1-7. Then have them discuss these questions:

  • Why does God want us to be loyal to our country’s leaders?
  • Does God want us to obey our leaders even if they’re doing wrong things? Why or why not?

After groups discuss these questions, ask for reports. Then give each group paper, an envelope, and an ink pen. Have groups each write a letter to the leader of your country, expressing their loyalty to the leader. Send the letters later.

4. Snack: Food for Thought

You’ll need (makes enough for five):
  •  1-ounce package of instant pudding mix
  • a 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups milk
  • 8 cups crushed ice
  • 3/4 cup rock salt
  • a 13-ounce coffee can with a lid
  • a 39-ounce coffee can with a lid
  • spoons
  • bowls

Mix the first three ingredients in the small coffee can. Cover tightly and place in the large can. Alternately pack ice and rock salt around the small can. Cover tightly.

Have kids form a circle and roll the can back and forth for 15 minutes. Talk about how people have had to work together to make our country strong. Then stir the contents of the small can. Roll again for 15 minutes and talk about God’s role in the formation of our country.

Enjoy the ice cream and then close in prayer.

Carolyn Caufman is a children’s minister in Minnesota. 

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Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Indepen...

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