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Preschool Devotion: Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet

For preschoolers, the most meaningful devotions provide hands-on fun that helps kids experience and remember Bible truths. Want to give an experiential devotion a try? Use this simple devotion to help children discover how Jesus shows us how to serve our friends. 

One of the most important things young children learn as they begin preschool is how to make friends and how to be a good friend. Prior to attending preschool, young children mostly interact with family members. But as they venture out of homes and into preschool learning environments, they meet and become friends with other children. Friendship doesn’t always come naturally, however, and kids need some help discovering how to be a good friend. As you explain friendship to young children, use this interactive devotion to point them to their friend, Jesus!

Scripture: John 13:1-17

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • basin of lukewarm water (2 basins for larger groups)
  • small bar of soap
  • thick hand towel

Have children stand in a circle around the basin of water. (If you have a large group, form two circles around separate basins.)

Depending on the age and maturity of the children in your class, read aloud John 13:1-17 from an easy-to-understand Bible or paraphrase the story yourself.

Then say: Jesus was willing to wash his followers’ feet, even though it was a job that servants usually did. He wanted to show us that because he was willing to serve others, we should serve other people, too. Let’s serve our friends here today by washing each other’s hands.

Begin by gently washing the hands of the child next to you. Then use the towel to dry the child’s hands. Have the child wash his or her neighbor’s hands, and so on around the circle.

Then close with this prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for being willing to serve us. Help us to serve our friends and family. Amen.

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Preschool Devotion: Jesus Washes His ...

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