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A mom gives her son a high five after they complete a holiday service project.
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3 Holiday Service Projects Kids (and Families) Can Do

To help you equip families to go out and do some random acts of kindness, here are three service projects kids can do (and their families) to show others God’s love. Thanks to our great friends in ministry for providing these excellent ideas!

3 Holiday Service Projects Kids (and Families) Can Do

1. Countdown to Christmas

Here’s an idea to help kids count down to Christmas while reaching out to others. Brainstorm 25 low- or no-cost ideas and activities to help children experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Cut 25 strips of construction paper per child. Have kids write one idea on each strip of paper. Then help them loop and tape the strips into a chain. Let kids take home their chains and begin the countdown. Some families put the chain on the Christmas tree, while others hang them in the house. Each day kids cut off one link and do the idea or activity on that link. These chains give young kids a visual way to countdown to Christmas — while they learn real ways to share Jesus with others.

Julie Dossantos
Fort Pierce, Florida

2. Stock Up

Help children feed the hungry in your community by stuffing Christmas stockings with basic ingredients for a warm meal. You’ll need large, plain stockings (available at craft stores), glitter glue or markers, cans of broth or soup stock, crackers, and bags of dried beans and spices for soup. Another alternative, if you have the funds, is to purchase bean soup mixes from a nonprofit group such as the Women’s Bean Project.

Have children decorate the stockings with glitter glue or markers. When stockings are dry, have kids place a can of broth, crackers, and a bag of soup ingredients in each stocking. Then deliver the “stocked-up” stockings to a local food pantry or keep them in your church pantry for people who come seeking nourishment this winter.

Stephanie Martin
Lakewood, Colorado

3. Mid-Year Gear

Kids need school supplies all year long, not just at the year’s start. In July and August there’s a big push to collect school supplies for kids who can’t afford them. But the need is ever-present as supplies run out, new kids arrive mid-year, and supplies are lost or damaged. Your kids can help. Contact local schools and talk to the schools’ administrative assistants, principals, and teachers to discover needs. Post a list in your church or make an announcement asking for needed items. Then have kids organize, prepare, and decorate supply packages for each school, teacher, or individual child in need. Encourage kids to include kind and encouraging messages about Jesus’ love, then go with them to personally deliver the packages during this season of love and giving.

Jennifer Funderburke
Bradenton, Florida

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3 thoughts on “3 Holiday Service Projects Kids (and Families) Can Do

  1. Catia De Sousa

    Great resources for ministry at home and church.

    • Sierra Archuleta

      Hi Catia,

      We are thrilled to see you enjoying these service projects. God bless!

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3 Holiday Service Projects Kids (and ...

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