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God's creature gifts
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God’s Creature Gifts

Age Level: 5 to 12
Materials: 2 feet of 1/2 cotton rope per child (available at hardware and crafts stores), dried catnip (available at pet stores), brightly colored children’s socks, cotton fill, gently used tube socks, and nontoxic permanent markers

Time: About 30 minutes

Use the following ideas to create simple gifts for furry friends this Christmas—or consider having kids take these gifts to a shelter to donate.

Chewies (for dogs)—Have kids tie a knot at each end of a 2-foot length of cotton rope.

Catnip Delights (for cats)— Have kids fill the toes of a child’s sock with dried catnip. Then have them tie the opening tightly shut.

Play Buddies (for cats and dogs)—Have kids fill the foot of a tube sock with cotton fill. Then have them tie off the opening tightly and fold the sock over itself. Using nontoxic permanent markers, have kids draw a face on the sock below the sock cuff.

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God’s Creature Gifts

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