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Volunteer Training Event
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Emoji Volunteer Training Event Plan

Use this emoji volunteer training event to get volunteers pumped for a new year of shining Jesus’ love on kids.

As a children’s minister, you’ve likely invited people to serve with you and you’ve come face to face with a variety of reactions, such as “Who, me?” “I’d love to!” “Do I have to change diapers?” and “Let me think about it.”  Despite the mix of reactions, many people joined your team of volunteers. So now’s the time to equip, excite, and enamor them with Jesus’ love for the little children.

A cohesive, well-planned training communicates love and appreciation far louder than any words you say. Whether you stick with the basics, take it to the next level, or go above and beyond, these ideas will get your annual volunteer training off the ground.


Volunteer Training Event: Show It With Decor

Tell your team “We’re glad you’re here!” and “Let’s have fun!” without saying a word.

Volunteer Training Event 2

Volunteer Training Event:The Basics

You’ll need: plastic yellow tablecloths, permanent markers

Cover your tables with plastic yellow tablecloths. Use permanent markers to draw emoji faces directly on the tablecloths. Greet your guests with smiling tables!


Volunteer Training Event: Next Level

You’ll need: white or black plastic tablecloths, yellow balloons, small water bottles, chenille wires, red and black permanent markers

Cover your tables with tablecloths, and then add a pop of personality with yellow emoji centerpieces. Transform inflated balloons into emojis by drawing faces with permanent markers. Visit for the most popular emojis and descriptions.

Remove labels from small water bottles. Pull the end of a tied balloon over the top of a bottle with the lid in place. Then secure the balloon to the bottle by wrapping a chenille wire around the knot in the balloon.


Volunteer Training Event: Above and Beyond

Branch out beyond smiley faces and draw emojis that represent a range of emotions. Options include: excited, tired, worried, apathetic, love, and cool.  When team members arrive, invite them to sit at a table that best represents their feelings today or over the past week. Begin your time together by inviting members to briefly share with their tablemates why they selected that spot. Your team members will naturally have something to talk about just by finding a seat.


Volunteer Training Event: Show It With Food

Invite volunteers to eat their emotions…literally! Tell your team “We care!” without saying a word. This emoji-themed breakfast bar will say it for you.

 Volunteer Training Event 3

Volunteer Training Event: The Basics

You’ll need: yellow cups, disposable coffee cups, small plastic food-safe containers, permanent markers

Give your paper products some personality! Serve beverages with a smile by drawing happy faces on yellow cups and sleepy faces on coffee cups. Create lovely fruit cups by drawing smiles and heart-shaped eyes on shallow plastic cups.


Volunteer Training Event: Next Level

You’ll need: fruit with a peel, black markers

In addition to the decorated cups, create emojis out of bananas, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, and other fruit with a peel. Draw unique faces on the unpeeled fruit.


Volunteer Training Event: Above and Beyond

You’ll need: skillets, spatulas, pancake batter, toppings (see below)

Flip up a batch of pancakes for your team. Invite guests to use the following toppings and treats to make faces for their pancakes.

  • Simply slicing down the middle of a strawberry makes a heart.
  • Line up blueberries to create a smile.
  • Chocolate chips make perfect eyes, mouths, and eyebrows.
  • Whipped cream makes for great toothy smiles.

Display a variety of emoji faces in your serving area as inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Emoji Volunteer Training Event Plan

  1. Joyce Nelson

    Link to faces for ice breaker does not work. Sad!

    • Children's Ministry Magazine

      Hi Joyce! We are sorry the link did not work. It is working now.

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Emoji Volunteer Training Event Plan

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