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Christmas sunday school lesson
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Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Christmas

Use this Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Christmas to help children celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

1. Come to the Party!-Show children a package wrapped in birthday gift wrap.

Ask: Has anyone had a birthday lately? Did you have a party? What did you do?

Allow time for the children to share their party memories.

Then say: We’re going to celebrate someone’s birthday. Do you know whose birthday we’ll celebrate this week?

Say: That’s right! We’ll celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

2. Happy Birthday, Jesus!-Give children each a crepe paper streamer with a piece of tape attached to one end. Have children decorate the table or room to make it look like a party. Hang balloons over your table. As you decorate, talk about ways we make birthdays special. Afterward, form a circle and have children do the actions in parentheses as you recite this action rhyme.

Say: Clap your hands. (Clap hands.) Give a shout. (Shout “Hurray!” and throw your hands in the air.) We know what Christmas is all about! (Point to yourself and nod.) Long ago, (Make an arc with your right hand.) Far away, (Make an arc with your left hand.) A little boy was born this day. (Rock arms.) Mary wrapped him, (Pretend to wrap a blanket around a baby.) Laid him down, (Reach down, palms up.) In a manger in Bethlehem town. (Make the peak of the stable with your hands.) Baby Jesus, (Rock arms.) Fast asleep. (Lay cheek on folded hands.) In a room with a cow and sheep! (Make animal noises.) Angels sang. (Cup hands around your mouth.) Shepherds heard. (Cup hands around your ears.) They hurried to the stable. (Run in place.) They spread the word! (Cup hands around your mouth.) Happy Birthday, Jesus! Happy Christmas Day! (Raise arms.)

3. A Special Gift-Bring out the package again.

Say: We give presents to people who have birthdays. But on Jesus’ birthday, we celebrate by giving gifts to people.

Ask: Why do we give gifts to each other? How do you think Jesus feels about us giving gifts to each other? What gifts could we give to Jesus that would make him happy?

Then say: On Jesus’ birthday, we’re the ones who get the best gift of all-Jesus!

Sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus.

4. Party Hats-Give children plain cone-shaped party hats made from construction paper. Have them decorate the hats with foil stars and other Christmas stickers and seals. Have children wear their hats as they eat their snack.

5. Snack-Food for Thought: You’ll need: Plain sugar cookies cut in a variety of Christmas shapes, ready-to-spread icing, decorator sprinkles, and blunt knives.

Directions: Let children frost and decorate a cookie in whatever way they wish. As they spread the icing, talk about spreading the news of Jesus’ birth. As they add the sprinkles, talk about the joyful celebration of Christmas. Before they eat, encourage them to exchange cookies. Talk about sharing gifts of love.

Designed for use with PRESCHOOL-KINDERGARTEN

Cindy Nelson is a 14-year-veteran of Christian education in Minnesota.

Copyright© Group Publishing, Inc. / Children’s Ministry Magazine

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