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A preteen girl participates in a Bible racing game outside.
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The BEST Bible Racing Games

Looking for great games? Look no further than these Best Bible Racing Games guaranteed to keep kids on their toes.

Water Balloon Races

Form teams for these three wet relay options.

  • Balance water balloons on tennis rackets, and race to a turn-around line and back.
  • Have each team member race with a water balloon between his or her knees.
  • Form pairs. Place a water balloon between partners’ waists, and challenge them to make their way to a line and back without breaking their balloon.

Wacky Sprints

Kids love races; add food (that’s not wasted) or water, and you have a home run.

  • Give each contestant a 2-foot piece of red licorice on a table. Have contestants bend at the waist and race to eat all the licorice without using their hands.
  • Contestants race 10 yards and put four saltine crackers in their mouths. The first to chew and whistle wins.
  • Contestants race 10 yards, pick up a squirt gun, and extinguish a candle placed on a table 5 feet away.
  • Contestants race under tables and back.

Creation Racing Game

This is a fun outdoor racing game that teaches kids about God’s creation.

Form two teams and designate a goal line. Give each team a copy of the following instructions.

The 7 steps:

  1. Lead a blindfolded person to the goal line to represent night. At the goal line, have the person remove his or her blindfold to represent day and return to your starting place. Everyone shout, “Day one! It is good!”
  2. Carry a small container of water to the goal line, drink it, and run back to represent water and sky. Everyone shout, “Day two! It is good!”
  3. Carry a handful of dirt to the goal line to represent the earth. Make a small hill with it and then return. Everyone shout, “Day three! It is good!”
  4. Carry a small stick to the goal line. Draw a sun, moon, and star in the dirt to represent the lights. Return and everyone shout, “Day four! It is good!”
  5. With two pieces of paper, make a bird to represent flying creatures. Carry the bird to the goal line, leave it, and return. Everyone shout, “Day five! It is good!”
  6. Using small sticks, make a human figure to represent humankind. Carry the person to the goal line, leave it, and return. Everyone shout, “Day six! It is good!”
  7. All teammates run to the goal line and sit in a circle. Everyone shout, “Day seven! Day of rest!”

Tell teams they’re to race to complete the seven steps. A different person in each team must perform each step. Don’t provide props for teams; part of the fun is in finding the needed items.

Summer Bible Olympics

Click here to find 9 games that offer everything from racing to load the ark to racing to feed the 5,000. And kids learn about important events in the Bible.

Frog Feet Relay

Form two teams. Have the teams line up at one end of the room. Give the first person in each line a pair of swim fins. On “go,” the first person must put on the fins, run to other end of the room and back, remove the fins, and pass them to the next teammate who’ll do the same thing. Continue until all the children have gone. (Hint: Children will have to run backward, as it’s too easy to trip walking forward in swim fins.)

Summer Relay

Run a relay where kids don beach apparel before running back to their side. Form teams of six and have them line up on one side of the room. For each team, have six items of beach gear, such as sunglasses, floppy hats, large flip-flops, and beach towels at the other side of the room. On “go,” the first person in each line must run to the pile and get one of the pieces, put it on, and return to his or her team. The next person in line takes this item, puts it on, runs to the other side of the room, and puts on another item. This person returns and passes both items to the next team member who does the same thing. The relay is over when team members return to their teams with all of the items.

Relay Race

Have children line up for a relay game. Once enough children for two teams of four people have gathered, randomly choose children for each team. Have three or four different activity stations, such as jump roping, balloon popping, or even song-singing (where children must sing the first line to their favorite song). Children must perform the activities in a sequence before running back to their teams and tagging the next kids who’ll then perform the activities. Have two teams compete at a time. Winning team members each receive two tickets; the other team members receive one each.

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The BEST Bible Racing Games

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