Why Not Write Your Own Sunday School Curriculum?


Thinking about writing your own kids’ ministry curriculum this year? Read this first.

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Lisa Burney didn’t think she’d be able to find a vacation Bible school curriculum that would work for 350 kids. As minister to children and families at Highland Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, Burney found that her congregation had always written its own curriculum in the past; so she decided to try it herself. And why not? Burney has a master’s degree in curriculum instruction and 10 years’ experience in children’s ministry.

“It was taking a lot of time,” she says about writing the massive program. “We wrote it—I had a few people helping me—but going into that first day of vacation Bible school was nerve-racking as to whether or not it would go over.” Burney says she never had a chance to try it out beforehand.

What would you have done in Lisa’s shoes? If you’re like the 18 percent of churches that write their own curriculum, you probably would’ve done exactly what Burney did. Would it have been the right decision, though?

Not according to Children’s Ministry Magazine.

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And, yes, the magazine creators are part of a company that publishes curriculum series for all kinds of church programs and all ages. They have a bias. That’s why they hired me—a freelance writer—to dig into this touchy topic.

Those same folks, though, are also passionate about ministry to children, and that makes them ask these questions: Is writing your own curriculum the best use of your gifts, talents, and time? Is it the most effective way to reach today’s kids?

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Take a look at the six big reasons you might not want to write your own curriculum—from people who’ve tried it.

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