Why God Created Families


A Bible study that teaches kids why God created families.

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Bible Activity: Strong Houses-On separate sheets of
newsprint, draw a house with chalk and a house with crayons. Hang
the houses side by side on the wall. Place a plastic tarp on the
floor. Give children water bottles and let them squirt the

Paraphrase Matthew 7:24-27. Then *ask: What’s
happening to our pictures? Which kind of house would you want to
live in? How does God want us to treat our families?

Say: Nothing can hurt our families if we love each

Craft: Upon This Rock-Have children each cut out a rock
shape from black construction paper. Have kids cut out magazine
pictures to represent their family members and glue the pictures to
their rocks.

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Say: God is our solid rock. He wants to keep our families
safe and together. God takes care of our families as we stick with

Snack: You’ll need: Fortune cookies, slips of paper,
pencils and sandwich bags.

Directions: Have kids write each family member’s name
and an encouraging note on a slip of paper. For example, kids may
write, “Mom, thanks for making such good meals for me.” Help
younger children write their notes. Insert each of the slips into a
different fortune cookie-one to give to each family member. Then
have kids put their cookies in a sandwich bag to take home. Let
kids eat the leftover cookies.



Get families together for a Family Appreciation Dessert.
Children can make and serve a simple dessert such as brownie
sundaes or decorated cakes. Kids can present handmade awards and
tell why they love each family member.

Contributors: Nancy Paulson, Cindy Newell, Heather Ward,
Walter Norvell

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For more great articles like this, subscribe to our magazine. Buy 3+ subscriptions for only $12 each.