Icebreaker: Who’s Who?

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Use this icebreaker: Who’s Who to get kids talking and laughing as they learn about various people from the Bible.

Write the names of people from the Bible on 3×5 index cards. (If you have a big group of kids, you can repeat names.) You could include Jesus, Mary, Joseph, God, Noah, Moses, David, Rachel, Jonah, Judas, and Lazarus.

Tape the cards with the names on kids’ foreheads without them seeing who they are. Then provide everyone with a master list of names so kids have some idea of who they might be. Give kids 10 minutes to go around the group, asking only yes-or-no questions to try to discover their identity. Give kids these hints: Their questions should start out broad, such as “Am I a boy? Am I a girl?” Then questions can get more specific, such as “Am I in Jesus’ family?” “Did I build something?” For added fun, include factoids about each person on the list to give kids fodder for formulating their questions.

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