When the Clock’s Still Running


10 Minutes

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Key to Happiness

Grab a set of keys from your purse or pocket, and have kids form a
circle. Have one child sit, eyes closed, in the center of the
circle. Place the keys at the child’s feet. Now have everyone be
silent while one child from the circle tries to sneak the keys from
the child in the center. If the center child hears the keys being
taken and points in the right direction, the sneaky person is
caught. Rotate who gets to be in the center, and after everyone’s
had a chance, discuss with kids different ways to listen for God
every day. Value: fun

Get Your Body Praisin’!

Turn on kids’ praise music. Form a circle and get kids moving by
calling out different body parts: “Let’s praise with our
(insert body part, such as right hand, left hand, head,
shoulders, legs, or feet)
!” Or turn up the praise music and
play Limbo. Value: worship

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15 Minutes

Can You Name It?

This game is a twist on I Spy, and it helps kids learn each
other’s names. Invite one child to start the game by choosing an
object within sight in the room. First, the child shares his or her
name and then describes the object using just one clue: “My name is
Jane, and my object is white. Can you name it?”

Next, other kids try to guess the object by saying the
clue-giver’s name and then naming the object they believe she’s
describing: “Jane, is it the whiteboard?” If no one gets it after
two guesses, then the clue-giver must add one more description such
as, “I spy something white and square.” The clue-giver continues to
give clues, stating her name each time she adds a clue. Play until
someone guesses correctly, and then that person becomes the
clue-giver. Kids will enjoy the interaction and will definitely
learn one another’s names. Value: relationships,

Two Truths and a Hope

This activity offers a new take on the old game Two Truths and a
Lie. It’s a fun game and good for letting kids get to know one
another a little better. (Many aren’t comfortable with the lying
version, so we changed this to a hope.)

Form a circle and give children each a chance to share three
things about themselves-two things that are true and one that’s not
yet true because it’s just a hope. The child on the left has to
guess which thing is the hope. Move around the circle until each
child gets a chance to share. Value:
relationships, fun



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