Miracles of Jesus: Walking on Water and Other Feats


Here’s how to teach kids about Jesus’ miracles in Sunday school that help them get to know the miracle-maker!

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In the seven years I’ve been a family pastor, we’ve covered the feeding of the 5,000 five times in vacation Bible school. Such good drama! Great special effects with a never-emptying basket of fish! But are drama and special effects really why the miracles of Jesus are included in the Bible? Are they set up to function as tall tales or even comic relief? Sadly, some in your church may think so. They may privately dismiss Bible “stories” as fairy tales meant for kids. Or maybe they’ve heard the same stories so many times they’ve become desensitized to their truth.

Do you ever worry that the children in your ministry view the miracles of Jesus’ life as fiction, as merely good drama and special effects? Do you wonder if kids are truly inspired by Jesus’ amazing life and sacrifice? If you do, take heart — you’re not alone.

But what does it take to grab a skeptic’s attention — whether adult or child — and change a heart?

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Well, that’s fairly simple: It takes a children’s minister who can walk on water, right alongside Jesus. It takes a children’s minister whose biblical imagination is so fully developed that he or she believes without doubt that with God all things are possible. It takes a children’s minister who lives by the certainty that miracles such as transforming lives or feeding 5,000 with a few fish and loaves truly are possible. It takes a children’s minister who’s eager to meet Jesus and to plunge into his miracles as if for the very first time each and every Sunday.

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So…can you walk on water?

If you’re nervously looking for your water wings, read on. We’ll learn the basics of water-walking — or reintroducing yourself to the wonder and glory of Jesus through the eyes and hearts of the children you serve.

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