Easter: Treasure Tomb

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treasure-tombUse this Easter Treasure Tomb to help children remember how God rolled the stone away from the tomb, and the greatest treasure of all came out—Jesus.

You’ll need a Bible, small disposable plates and bowls, scissors, a stapler, brown or gray card stock, brown paper lunch bags, glue, brads, and small pieces of individually-wrapped candy

Make a Treasure Tomb in advance to show kids. Kids will love to make these fun treasures. Lead kids in the following steps to make their treasure tombs.

  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bowl big enough to fit a small piece of candy.
  2. Staple the edges of the bowl to the plate.
  3. Crumple a paper lunch bag to give it texture, then uncrumple it and glue it over the bowl and plate. Work to make the  entire thing look like a tomb.
  4. Cut off any excess paper, and cut a hole in the paper to line up with the hole in the bowl.
  5. Cut a “stone” out of the card stock that’s slightly bigger than the hole in the bowl.
  6. Use a brad to fasten the stone to cover the hole. This will be the front of your tomb.
  7. Place a small piece of candy through the hole.

Read aloud Mark 16:1-6. Say: When Jesus’ friends went to his tomb, they expected to find Jesus’ body inside. Instead, they found a sweet surprise.

Have the kids roll the stone from their treasure tombs and take the candy out and eat it.

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Say: The tomb was empty! An angel told the women that Jesus was alive! That sweet surprise is still a treasure to us today.

Ask: How can you use your treasure tomb to tell someone about the Resurrection?

Say: Use this treasure tomb to hold money or something else important to you. When you use it, remember how God rolled the stone away from the tomb, and the greatest treasure of all came out—Jesus. And use it as a way to tell your friends that Jesus being alive is the greatest treasure of all.

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