Top 20 Leading the Way in Children’s Ministry


Meet Children’s Ministry Magazine’s picks for the 20 most influential and impacting voices in children’s ministry today!

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Here at Children’s Ministry Magazine, we believe that you-children’s ministers in the daily trenches of ministry-are true heroes. And that’s the big reason we’re aiming to make our 2011 20th anniversary a year-long celebration of children’s ministers everywhere! To kick off the celebration, we’re looking back at heroes who’ve made a significant, positive impact in children’s ministry. We’re delighted to present-drumroll, please, Children’s Ministry Magazine’s Top-20 Children’s Ministry Influencers in the last 20 years!


Karl Bastian, founder of

Karl, a self-proclaimed children’s minister since childhood, is driven to support and resource children’s ministers. He created, a pioneering website developed in the mid-1990s as a resource for leaders and volunteers. Today the site contains online training, discussion forums, hundreds of lesson plans and ideas, links to other children’s ministry resources, and a near encyclopedia of other helpful material.

Karl developed Kidology not only as a source for valuable information and resources, but also for children’s ministers to connect with one other to share concerns and prayer requests, to ask questions and hopefully find answers from others. Through his writing, blogging, and social media efforts, Karl has left an indelible imprint on children’s ministry.

Through Kidology, Karl’s passion is to “reach and teach as many children as possible with the Good News of God’s Love and in the process to enlist, equip, and encourage others to do the same.”

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Jerome Berryman, author, curriculum developer

Jerome’s and the the late Sonja Stewart’s book Young Children in Worship is considered a landmark work on how to introduce 3- to 7-year-olds to the wonder of worship. Jerome’s work inspired the Godly Play “I Wonder” series that leads children in reflective worship as they interact with Scripture. Jerome’s extensive catalog of writing whether through Godly Play curriculum or through his numerous other writings has helped to transform thousands of churches’ approach to children’s ministry by helping them see that meaningful, lasting learning comes from childlike curiosity and play.

Jerome continues to lead the way in workshops and training avenues to transform the way children’s ministers look at how children encounter God.


Rob Bradbury, children’s pastor, national director

Rob is a well-known leader in children’s ministry in Australia. He’s the state and national director for KIDS R US, a national children’s ministry in Australia. He also serves as the international director for the Kidshaper Conference, where he provides resources, leads workshops, and encourages other children’s ministers.

He’s released six children’s music albums. He speaks around the world at training seminars and workshops for children’s ministry leaders and volunteers. And he’s authored four books: Fly, Sound, Quadrants,and Taste.

Rob and his wife have been in children’s ministry for 21 years, and they lead the successful and far-reaching PlanetKids children’s ministry at Planetshakers, a 4500- member church in Melbourne.

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