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Congratulations to Sharon Graham from Holy Family Church of Davidsonville, Maryland! She’s the winner of 100 friendship bracelets provided by Tiny Girl Big Dream. Her church empowers the kids in her ministry to make a difference by guiding the older kids to be leaders in faith to the younger children. Great job, Sharon!

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Business owner, Acacia Woodley is one of the Kids in Motion mentioned in Children’s Ministry Magazine’s, May/June 2015 issue. At age 10, she was inspired to make a difference. Through her business, Tiny Girl Big Dream, she sells benches, bracelets, and “Friendship Kits’ to schools to promote kindness, anti-bullying, and good character. Win a set of 100 friendship bracelets from Acacia’s organization, Tiny Girl Big Dream. To enter the giveaway*, just answer the following question in the comments section below:

Question: What are some ways you empower the kids in your ministry to make a difference?

*Contest ends June 30, 2015.
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  1. One of the ways we empower the kids in our ministry to make a difference is by allowing the oldest group to lead a teaching session with the younger students. We prepare them each session for a few weeks before. Then they lead a session and teach the younger students. You should see the pride in their faces when they prepared and delivered a moving lesson. And the look on they younger students faces as they learn from another kid.

  2. Robin Dorsey on

    I have found that letting the kids decide what type of mission project we will do makes them more excited about do it and also encourages more participation.

  3. We empower our kids by providing opportunity and training for them to lead. They can be an acolyte, usher, help in the nursery, help with a group of younger kids, they lead worship during our large group time, when they ask for more we try and give it to them. We believe kids who are active in church stay in church. We have a Discipleship Plan for adults and just finished creating one for the kids too! Preschool is next! Our kids are not the future of the church they are the church – right along side the rest of us. We have been looking at some really good Scripture verses about how God used kids to do what only they could do! This helps them to see their potential not only later but right now too.

  4. We give them opportunities to give, serve, learn and grow in our church, community, and our world through fundraisers, serving in the local soup kitchen and helping in various ways at church . I love watching their confidence increase throughout the year.

  5. Lynette Roggero on

    We encourage our kids to worship and participate in worship. We encourage them to enter into prayer and altar time. As the kids start aging out we train them to help in Kids Church and allow them to take leadership rolls and assist adult leaders.

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