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Summer Bible Olympics

Get your kids to "go for the gold" with this event.


Set up these nine stations:

1. Race to Jerusalem-kids race barefoot around a course on a stick horse with donkey ears.

2. Bibliathon-kids arrange Bible books in order. (The books of the Bible are each written on a separate tongue depressor.)

3. David vs. Goliath-kids use a slingshot to hurl marshmallows at a "medieval shield" target.

4. Feeding 5,000-kids race to get the most BB-size pieces out of a paper towel.

5. Road to Damascus-kids each sit on a skateboard and pull themselves along with a rope.

6. Strong as Samson?-kids pull a heavy weight attached to a rope.

7. Noah Needs Help-kids race to see how many stuffed animals they can move from one box to another, using a long-handle grabber (available in most novelty stores).

8. Happy Birthday, Jesus-kids put out a candle with a water gun.

9. Goin' Fishin'-kids "fish" for paper fish with magnets on them, using a small fishing pole with a magnet on its end.

We gave ribbons to the winners of the most categories in each age division. We also gave each participant a lollipop. This was extremely successful with our kids!

Glenna Rufca
Trumbull, Connecticut


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