Strongman Relay Bible Game

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This Strongman Relay Bible game is a great way to teach preteen kids about how God makes us strong.

To play this game, you’ll need XXL long-sleeve T-shirts, balloons, masking tape, and a Bible. Use masking tape to make lines about 20 feet apart. Form as many teams as you have oversized shirts, and give each team four inflated balloons.

On “go,” the first preteen from each team puts on a shirt, stuffs the balloons into the sleeves as “muscles,” runs to the other line, and shouts, “My strength comes from God!” while making a funny muscle pose. Then the preteen runs back to the team, takes off the shirt and balloons, and lets the next person go.

After playing, read aloud Isaiah 40:28-31.

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Ask: What does this say about how God makes us strong? What’s the difference between being strong physically and spiritually? What’s one way you need God to make you strong this week?

Charity Kauffman
Belleville, Pennsylvania

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