Stay Away, Sin! Children’s Message

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Use this Stay Away, Sin! children’s message to help children learn to “flee sin” from James 4:7-8.

You’ll need: Bibles, cups of water, black pepper, and dish soap

Form groups of four, and give each group a Bible, a cup of clean water, and a container of black pepper. Have kids take turns sprinkling pepper on the water as they say some of the bad things Satan tempts them to do, such as lie, cheat on a test, or say bad words. Ask kids to describe how the water looks with all the pepper on it.

Then have kids read aloud James 4:7-8. Ask each group to discuss the meaning of the verses, and come up with a way to say it in their own words.

Say: When we stay focused on God in our lives every day, we can resist temptation. When we turn to God, ask him for help, and rely on him-that sends Satan and sin running!

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Add a drop of dishwashing liquid to each group’s cup.

Ask: What happened to the pepper? Just as the pepper “ran” away from the soap, when we rely and focus on God we can run away from sin.

Encourage kids to run away from temptation this year.

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