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Special Section: Princesses and Pirates

Robin Quackenbush


• Ask table sponsors to help decorate the event room and their tables. Provide linens and centerpieces for each table and then ask sponsors to bring their own china (fancy-themed disposable plates work, too), serving utensils, teapot, and silverware so each table has a unique theme. Provide a small party favor for each princess, such as stickers, a sparkly wand, or a chocolate treat* ( Plan for an intimate setting of eight girls at each table so table sponsors can have meaningful conversations with their princesses.

• Transform your entrance into a castle with flowing tulle, white Christmas lights, and artificial flowers. Set up a photo station with a majestic backdrop that includes a chair decorated like a throne, flowers, and candelabras. Roll out a red carpet (or length of fabric) at the entrance of your event area for girls to walk in on.


Follow these steps on the morning of the breakfast to make your event a smashing success.

• Have table sponsors arrive 30 minutes early wearing their finest princess attire. Have these hostesses collect a platter of food containing Majestic Mixed Fruit and Marvelous Mini Muffins for their table and fill their teapots with Haute Chocolate.

• Place the faux tiered cake at the front of the room on a beautifully decorated cart. Pre-cut the real cake to serve at the end of your program.

• Play classical music in the background to set the stage for elegance.

• Have your maids-in-waiting greet the princesses as they arrive at the entrance. Before entering the event, have girls each fill out a princess information card, including the child's name, town, and favorite royal colors, foods, and activities. Include space on the back of the card for address, phone, and email for follow-up purposes.

• When all the guests arrive, have the Royal Knight escort each princess in with a grand trumpet entrance to kick off the royal festivities. As each princess enters the room, have the trumpeter sound a short fanfare for her as she steps onto the red carpet. (You can get a real trumpeter or enlist the help of several people who can make trumpeting sounds.) Have the Knight escort in each princess. He'll discreetly read from her registration card to announce her arrival: "Announcing Sarah, Princess of Walden, whose favorite colors are purple and pink." Take photos of girls with the Knight as they're escorted to their tables. When all tables are full, have table sponsors pray for the meal, and then girls can begin eating Majestic Mini Muffins and Majestic Mixed Fruit while the maids-in-waiting serve the hot menu items.

• After eating, have table sponsors generate curiosity about Jesus and his role as king with discussion-worthy questions such as those listed in the scroll below.

• Have the maids-in-waiting escort girls to the "chamber"-a separate storytelling area-for story time. You can have a storyteller read Gigi, God's Little Princess (Thomas Nelson) to girls age 3 to 6. Read My Child, My Princess (Multnomah) to girls age 7 to 12. Afterward, have storytellers emphasize that each girl present is a princess in Jesus' eyes and Jesus is the King of kings.  

• Have cake-and eat it, too. Maids-in-waiting can place cake at the table settings while the girls are at story time. After dessert, invite girls to twirl on a dance floor as you play classical music. For your royal farewell, remind girls that they're God's princesses and that Jesus loves them.

• Why would you like to be a princess?

• What would it be like to live in a castle with royalty?

• How would you feel if you got to meet a king?

• Jesus is described in the Bible as the King of kings. How does that make you feel about Jesus? How does it make you feel to know this King loves you?

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