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Shoes of Peace

Directive: Help those in need.

Armor: Philippians 2:3-7

Basic Training: Tell kids that a medic has an
important job and often sacrifices his or her safety to help
others. Sometimes we forget to stop and help those in need. Putting
others’ needs before ours is part of loving others. God wants us to
love others as ourselves.

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Read the Scripture. Ask kids to talk about the most helpful person
they’ve ever known and what makes this person the biggest helper.
Have kids each create a Biggest Helper certificate for someone
who’s a big helper. Collect these to use later.

Covert Ops Challenge: Challenge kids to become
the most helpful person others know this week. They may need to
give up something they enjoy to help or benefit someone outside
their family, such as giving up a night of television to do a chore
for an elderly neighbor or choosing to spend time on a Saturday
afternoon with a younger child rather than going to the movies with

Mission Accomplished: When kids return,
distribute the Biggest Helper certificates from last week. Have
kids sit in a circle and share their stories about how they helped
others. After each person shares, have the person on the right
present a Biggest Helper certificate to the one who shared.

Danielle Bell is a children’s minister and speaker in
Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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