Special Section: Operation Faith Challenge



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Code Name: Morning

Directive: Spend time daily with God.

Armor: Mark 1:35-39

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Basic Training: Read the Scripture. Tell kids
that Jesus woke early just to spend time with God. It’s important
for everyone who has a relationship with Jesus to spend time each
day getting to know him better.

Form pairs. Have partners each talk about their best friend and
describe all the qualities they like about him or her. Then have
them talk about three ways they got to know their best friend, such
as hanging out, watching a movie, and sharing a snack. Have kids
compare those actions to the time they can spend with Jesus this

Tell kids that setting aside a quiet time each day to read God’s
Word and pray helps us stay connected with God. Talk with kids
about how you spend time with God and give examples of how you
structure your day to include this time. Explain how your daily
time with God impacts your life.

Covert Ops Challenge: Challenge kids to spend
time with Jesus by reading the Bible, praying, and journaling every
day. Encourage them to use their “Operation: Faith Challenge”
journals this week, which offer daily Bible readings and places to
journal prayers.

Mission Accomplished: When kids return, form
pairs. Have partners introduce one another to their best friend –
Jesus. Challenge them to tell new things they experienced with
their best friend and things they learned about him. If kids want
to, they can share journal entries with one another.


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