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Snack: Moses in a Basket

Objective: Kids will learn that God protects them.

Stuff you'll need: Dinner-roll dough, Hershey's Kisses, cinnamon-sugar mixture in a bowl, melted margarine in a bowl, a large spoon, a cookie sheet, and an oven.

Text: Exodus 2:1-10

Tell kids to: (Read the Scripture.)
*God took care of and protected Moses. (Give each child a Hershey's Kiss.) Let's imagine that this candy is Moses.

*Moses' mother knew Moses was in danger, but she trusted God to protect her child. She made Moses a unique, watertight basket. Wrap a roll tightly around Moses. Make sure your "basket" is tightly sealed.

*Moses' mother placed Moses in the river and asked God to protect him. Float your basket in the melted margarine. (Have kids roll their dough in the margarine and remove with a spoon.)

*God placed Pharaoh's daughter next to the river. She felt sorry for the baby in the basket and had the basket pulled up onto the sandy shore. (Dip your basket into the cinnamon-sugar "sand.")

*Pharoah's daughter took care of baby Moses in her home. Place your baskets on a cookie sheet. (Place the rolls in a 350 degree oven and bake for about 15 minutes.)

Talk teasers: As children are eating their "Moses in a Basket," *ask: Do you think God loves you as much as he loved Moses? Why or why not? How has God protected you from harm? When do you need God's protection?

Let's thank God for protecting us every day.

For Use With Kids GRADES K-3

Nanette Goings
Longmont, Colorado


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