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See It and Believe It


Best for ages 8 to 12

You'll need: Bibles, paper towels, plastic cups, and a tub of water

Form pairs, and have partners discuss times it's difficult for them to have faith in Jesus. Then have them read aloud Hebrews 11:1-6.

Ask: How does this definition of faith compare to what you believe faith is? Why do you think it's impossible to please God without faith?

Say: Let's see if we can do something impossible. Ask: Is it possible to put a paper towel in a tub of water without getting the paper towel wet? Have kids explain their answers. Then give each pair a paper towel, an empty plastic cup, and access to a tub of water. Have one partner wad up the paper towel and wedge it in the bottom of the empty cup. Have the other partner turn the cup upside down, push it straight into the tub of water, and then pull it out.

Ask: Explain whether this experiment helped you believe the impossible.  What helps you believe things about God that seem impossible?

Say: The glass appeared to be empty, but it was really filled with air that protected the towel. Just as we can't see the air, we can't see Jesus. Remember that Jesus is with you all the time. You can put your faith in him, even though you can't see him.

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