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8 rock-solid ideas to help kids
share God’s love at school.

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Crisp paper fills shiny new notebooks. Erasers are still bright
pink, and pencils are sharp and ready for action. With backpacks in
tow, kids shuffle into new grades and classrooms, ready to embark
on a new year of academic learning.

Just weeks ago, kids in your ministry learned lifelong lessons at
vacation Bible school, or maybe they made a commitment to Jesus at
a campfire by the lake. The lessons kids learn at church over the
summer have a lasting impact on their faith — now it’s time for
kids’ faith to have an impact at school.

We’ve compiled these super-smart ideas for you to help kids show
Jesus’ love throughout the school year. And as an extra bonus,
we’ve included a reproducible page with back-to-school ideas for
you to give to parents to help them build faith foundations at

My Hope Chest

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Kids can create boxes to store their school year hopes and

Study Guide: “For I know the plans I have for
you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster,
to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11).

School Supplies: Paper, markers, a roll of
butcher paper, glue, scissors, and various decorating supplies.
You’ll also need a box for each child.

Project Plan: Have kids each cover a box with
butcher paper, then let them decorate and label the box, “Child’s
name’s School Year Hopes.” Tell kids to write their hopes for the
school year in the following categories: school, friends, family,
and faith. Then have them place their hope sheets in their

Extra Credit: Have kids keep their hope boxes in
your classroom. Each week, pray for their hopes for the school
year. Just before school’s out for the summer, have kids open their
boxes and talk about their hopes and how God helped them over the
course of the school year.

Prayer Mark

These bookmarks are great reminders for church members to pray for
kids throughout the school year.

Study Guide: Every time I think of you, I
give thanks to God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of
you with joy (Philippians 1:3-4).

Project Plan: Children will each need a 2×6-inch
strip of card stock and a small photo of themselves. You’ll also
need markers, glue, and a laminating machine.

Assignment: Have kids glue their pictures on one
side of their card stock strips. Let kids decorate the borders with
markers. On the opposite side, have kids print their first name,
school, grade, and the Scripture. Collect the bookmarks and
laminate them before the following week’s worship service.

Extra Credit: During your worship service, ask
people to pick up a bookmark after the service. Ask them to commit
to pray for the child on the bookmark during the school year.
Encourage people throughout the year to send the children
encouraging notes via your ministry. Thank the adults of your
church for partnering with your children’s ministry through

The Driver’s Seat

This magnetic school bus helps kids remember to invite friends to
church during the school year.

Study Guide: For I am not ashamed of this
good news about Christ (Romans 1:16).

School Supplies: Crayons, colored pencils,
magnetic strips, scissors, and copies of the school bus template.
To download a school bus template, go to and click on Web

Project Plan: Have kids each draw a picture of
themselves in the driver’s seat of the school bus. Then have them
draw a picture of each friend they’d like to invite to church
during the school year and write their friend’s name under the
picture. Kids can cut out the bus and place magnetic strips on the

Extra Credit: Encourage kids to take their school
bus magnets home and place them on their refrigerators or in their
school lockers as a reminder of friends they’d like to invite to
church. Tell kids to pray daily for these friends and to ask God
for courage to share the good news about their best friend,

Backpack Message Pulls

These zipper pulls provide a guide for kids to share the gospel
with their classmates.

Study Guide: Therefore, go and make disciples
of all nations…(Matthew 28:19).

School Supplies: Gray, red, white, green, and
yellow pony beads; plastic lacing, scissors, and lanyard

Project Plan: Have kids each tie an 8-inch piece
of plastic lacing to the end of a lanyard hook. Then kids can
string one of each color bead onto the lacing in the following
order: gray, red, white, green, and yellow. Tell kids to tie a knot
after they attach the yellow bead to secure all the beads.

Extra Credit: Encourage kids to attach the
lanyard to their backpacks. Give kids a paper with each bead’s
meaning, and let them practice in class how to share the gospel
with someone else. Then, when a peer asks about the lanyard, kids
will have a wonderful message to share. For a copy of what each
bead represents, go to
and click on Web Extras.


Red=Blood of Jesus




We Lift You Up

Lead your congregation in praying for all the children in your
ministry before the start of the school year.

Study Guide: For we are God’s masterpiece. He
has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things
he planned for us long ago (Ephesians 2:10).

School Supplies: Posters with the names of
elementary schools in your area.

Assignment: Meet with your church leadership team
to designate a weekend when you can bring children into the worship
service for a time of prayer. Prior to the service, hang posters
with the names of area schools.

During the service have your kids stand in front while your pastor
gives a brief talk about the importance of praying for the children
to share their faith as they go to school this year.

Extra Credit: Create a bulletin board that’s
accessible to the entire church and post articles from newspapers
or school newsletters with news about kids in your ministry.
Everyone in your congregation can celebrate the good things kids
are doing, and the board will serve as a reminder to lift up kids
in prayer throughout the year.

Marked Strength

Kids can make this special bookmark to remind them that God gives
us strength in every situation.

Study Guide: For I can do everything through
Christ, who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13).

School Supplies: Card stock, scissors, markers,
and magnetic strips.

Project Plan: Have kids each cut out a
14×31/2-inch piece of card stock and fold it in half lengthwise.
Kids can decorate the front with their name, their school’s name,
or their favorite subject or sport. Then have kids place two 2-inch
magnetic strips on the inside of the bookmarks-one strip at the top
and one at the bottom. Have kids write Philippians 4:13 on the inside of the

Extra Credit: Remind kids that they can always
rely on God’s strength in difficult situations. Have kids discuss
difficulties they may face in the upcoming school year, then form
groups to pray for God to give them strength in every situation
this year.

Back-to-School Night

Families and senior citizens in your church can be a light for
local schools by helping with busy Back-to-School nights.

Study Guide: When God’s people are in need,
be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality (Romans 12:13).

School Supplies: Store-bought, prepackaged baked
goods; lemonade; cups; napkins; and large beverage

Project Plan: Ask local schools if your church
can provide refreshments for Back-to-School night attendees-no
strings attached. Then ask families and senior citizens in your
church to donate baked goods for people to enjoy and volunteer
their time the evening of the event. Have volunteers meet early at
the school to set up refreshments and for a time of prayer. Pray
for the school, staff, students, and families.

Extra Credit: At the end of the evening, have
your volunteers clean up their area, and then thank the school
administrators for the opportunity to serve at the school. This
generous gesture will bless schools in your community and will
unobtrusively highlight your ministry.

Classroom Angels

Kids can reach out to community schools with this service

Study Guide: You should remember the words of
the Lord Jesus: “It is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts 20:35).

School Supplies: Large collection bins

Project Plan: Contact local elementary schools
and ask what supplies they need in classrooms at the start of the
year. Teachers often purchase items such as crayons, rulers, or
notebook paper using their own money. And most classrooms are
constantly in need of items such as boxes of tissue. Create a list
of items and ask kids in your ministry to donate supplies for local

Extra Credit: Ask kids and parents to help
distribute the collected items several days before school starts.
For extra impact, have your ministry provide sack lunches for
school personnel as they prepare classrooms for students. Include a
note of appreciation from your church for the positive role these
people play in children’s education.

Parent Pointers

Parents: Use these tips to build your children’s
faith as they embark on a new school year.

Doodle Prayers

Carry a Magna Doodle drawing toy in your vehicle. On the way to
school each morning, have one of your kids be responsible for
doodling prayer requests for the day. After you drop off your kids
at school, pray for their needs. When you pick them up at the end
of the day, let them know you prayed for them, and ask how things

God Sighting Sticks

Use these sticks to spark conversations with your kids after
school. Use a fun container to store these paper strips with
conversation prompts to get kids talking about God sightings
throughout their day. To make the strips more durable you can glue
strips to craft sticks. Use the sticks during after-school snacks
or at dinner to help your kids see how God works in their

Today God helped me at school when…

I showed someone God’s love today when I…

I experienced God’s power today when…

I trusted God today when…

I know God loves me because today…

Bus Stop Jingle

Sing this cute song with your kids to remind them that God is
always with them as they wait for the school bus.

At the Bus Stop (to the tune of “Take Me Out to
the Ball Game”)

Take me out to the bus stop.

Take me out with my friends.

Buy me some school supplies, it’s okay.

Let me pray, pray, pray every day;

‘Cause I need help through the school year.

God’s with me, he’s on my side,

’cause it’s one, two, three cheers for me,

as I start school, YEA!

Blessing Cards

Help your child create a year’s worth of cards to bless classmates
and teachers.

You’ll need blank greeting cards with envelopes (available at
office supply stores) or card stock, various craft items for
decorating, markers, a photo storage box, and a school-year

Before school starts, decorate the cards but leave the inside
blank. Read aloud John 13:34-35 and discuss with your child what
it means to show God’s love to others. Brainstorm different ways
your child can show love to others at school. Then tell your child
he or she can bless people at school by giving kids and teachers a
special card during the school year.

After school starts, ask your child’s teacher if you can have a
list with all the kids’ birthdates (don’t forget the teacher’s!).
Write the dates on the calendar and have your child write a special
note in a card to classmates or teachers on their birthdays. You
can choose a special day during the school year to celebrate
birthdays that fall during summer months. This yearlong practice
will help your child learn to be a blessing to others, and the
other kids and teachers will appreciate being remembered on their
special days.

The following creative children’s ministers contributed their
ideas to this article: Rose Goble of Winamac, Indiana; Carmen
Kamrath of Loveland, Colorado; Michelle Richards of Irmo, South
Carolina; Emily Snider of Roseville, Michigan; Lisa Stadler of San
Diego, California; Diane Thom of Maple Valley, Washington; Sandi
Underwood of Greeneville, Tennessee; and Deb Vos of Schererville,


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