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Prayer in Motion

Children's Ministry Magazine

Form a circle. Number the four corners of your room. Tell children that this moving cheer will help them pray.

Stand in the center of the circle. Ask the children to think about each statement you make and move to the numbered corner that best fits their answer.

Say: Today I am most thankful for:

  • my family (point to corner 1).
  • my friends (point to corner 2).
  • my home (point to corner 3).
  • my church (point to corner 4).

For clarification, repeat each sentence and point to the numbered corners as kids are moving.

After all the children have reached a corner, ask groups each to shout out their response as you point to their corner. úSay: Dear God, today we are thankful for: (point to corner 1 and shout with the children "my family"; point to corner 2 and shout with the children "my friends"; point to corner 3 and shout with the children "my home"; point to corner 4 and shout with the children "my church.")

Repeat this process with different statements and numbered-corner answers. Some suggestions are:

People I know who need special care are: my grandparents, my neighbors, people who are sick, people who are sad.

Prayer response: Dear God, please take special care of...

I need to be more: loving, forgiving, kind, helpful.

Prayer response: Dear God, help me be more...

Conclude the entire prayer by having kids form a circle, join hands, take three steps forward and shout, "Thank you, God, for answering prayer! Amen!"

Margaret Hinchey
Denver, Colorado


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