Preschool Bible Activity: Parade of Strength


A fun way to teach the powerful Bible message of strength found in Philippians 4:13.

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength” — Philippians 4:13.

Supplies: You’ll need a Bible, something to play music, a recording of a march or other upbeat instrumental music, scissors, and crepe paper streamers.

Before class, cut crepe paper streamers into three-foot lengths. Arrange to lead children on a parade route through your church.

Set out the pile of streamers. Ask:

  • What are some things that are hard for you to do?
  • Who helps you do those things?

Let kids respond, then say: The Bible says that we can do anything with Jesus’ help. Listen as I read Philippians 4:13.



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Read the verse, and then have kids repeat it with you. Say: Jesus gives us the strength to stand up to people who pick on us, be nice to people who are different than we are, and forgive people who are mean to us. He can help us do anything. Today we’re going to celebrate that with a parade.

Give each child two streamers. Say: When we march in our parade, we’ll wave streamers. Let’s listen to some parade music and practice waving our streamers now. When the music is soft, wave your streamers in front of you slowly. When the music gets louder and stronger, wave your streamers over your head quickly.

Play the march music, and let kids practice waving streamers. After you practice with the music several times, say: That’s great! Our parade will be very festive with the music and streamers. But we want people to know why we’re celebrating. So let’s sing our memory verse along with the music.

Help children sing the words of the verse along with the melody. Don’t forget to include the verse reference! Children will probably fit the verse to the music easily since they’ve already heard the melody several times. When you’re ready for your parade, set the CD or cassette player in your doorway (or carry it with you if it’s battery-operated) and lead children along your planned route.


Preschool Bible Activity: Parade of Strength
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