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Nursery: Bible Babies

Sondra Saunders

This fun Bible activity and song are a great way to show infants how much God loves every baby.

Cut out pictures that represent baby Jesus, baby Moses, baby John the Baptist, baby Samuel, and baby Isaac from old magazines and books. Glue each picture to a sheet of card stock and print each baby's name below his picture. Then laminate each page.

Using a hole punch, punch matching holes along the left side of each page. Bind the pages together with yarn, making sure the pages can turn.

As you show infants the pages of Bible babies, say, "Thank you, God, for baby Jesus. Thank you, God, for baby Moses. Thank you, God, for baby Samuel. Thank you, God, for baby child's name."

Then sing this song to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?" using the various Bible babies.

Baby Moses, baby Moses, In the reeds, in the reeds. God loved and cared for him, God loved and cared for him. God loves you, God loves you.

Change the song to reflect each Bible baby's circumstances. You can print each Bible baby's song on the back of each page with a permanent, fine-tipped marker.

May God truly bless your ministry as you faithfully lead our young friends and their families.

Sondra Saunders leads Prestonwood Baptist Church's preschool and children's ministry with more than 5,200 children in Plano, Texas. 

Excerpted from Children's Ministry Magazine.


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