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6 ways to pray for others when you think there’s no

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Prayer refreshes us, replenishes us, and enables us to walk with

Too much to do and too little time to do it? A phrase we hear all
too often seems to set us up for defeat before the day has begun.
To be honest, the things that absolutely have to get done usually
do. We make sure our children are fed, we meet daily deadlines, we
get to the dentist on time-the important things.

What makes it on your must-do list? Does your list include
spiritual things? Does your day include quality prayer? If you’re
like most of us, spending time with God in prayer is one of the
things that too often gets left behind-much like the unmade beds or
that phone call you’ve been meaning to make.

Spiritual training-spending time with God in prayer-needs to be
a daily activity if you want to grow with God and encourage others
to grow. Prayer refreshes us, replenishes us, and enables us to
walk with God. We need to intentionally do as Paul instructed,
“Pray without ceasing.” Praying without ceasing as the foundation
of the Christian lifestyle reflects a daily linking of our minds
and hearts to God. Our interactions with God throughout the day
soon become a part of who we are.

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Listed below are a few ideas to get you started on your daily
prayer journey. Make the important things happen.

Purchase a new wall calendar. Place it where you begin your day.
For each day of the month, pencil in one person for whom you’ll
pray. Give that special person a call to find out his or her needs
and concerns. It’s a great way to keep in touch, and it encourages
others to start their day off with prayer.

Here’s an old idea with a new twist. Place a small notebook and
pen in your car. If you’re like me, you spend a good part of your
day in your car, and much of it seems to be waiting. Rather than
feed your impatience, pull out your journal. Spend time with God.
Write the names and concerns of loved ones, and then talk to God
about them.

Make folding clothes less mundane, and creatively spend time with
God. While folding whites, give thanks for others. While folding
darks, mention specific concerns for each family member. When
folding the children’s clothes, thank God for the children in your
life, and name them one by one.

Place the names of staff leaders, teachers, or pupils in special
places to find throughout the day to help you remember to say a
special prayer for them. Places include your wallet, telephone,
mirrors, refrigerator door, car dash, or computer screen. Choose a
few to start with and change weekly.

Purchase 3X5 cards. Write names and addresses of people on
separate cards, and place a postcard stamp on each card. Place them
in your purse or car. When you find a few minutes, pull out a card
and pray specifically for that person. Write a note to the person
about how he or she has been in your prayers. Then drop the card in
the nearest mailbox.

We can have many reminders throughout the day, but the fact of the
matter is we must make time for God. Set your alarm clock 15
minutes early. Give your day to God by spending the first minutes
of each day in prayer. And remember, you don’t always have to have
a prayer list. Spend time listening. Cherish the quiet

Andrea Moore is a children’s minister in Waco,



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