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1. Pray. Too often we receive not because we ask not! Pray about
your need, and get the entire congregation praying by giving them
prayer reminder cards.
2. Ask. Identify people who have the matching personality,
talents, and gifts. Then personally ask them to consider joining
your team.
3. Mention your need. The church bulletin is a tool to keep people
aware of needs, but don’t overuse it.
4. Recognize your volunteers. Raising the banner of recognition
for those who do serve encourages others to serve.
5. Display your needs. Use church bulletin boards and display
areas with information designed by someone with artistic flair.
Change your boards regularly to keep people looking.
6. Make it personal. When you want to find and keep the very best
for ministry, send a handwritten note or card. In this world of
depersonalization, fewer people take time to write personal notes
to others. Make time each week to jot a few personal lines to those
who serve. It’ll help keep them going.
7. Party hardy! Develop ministry friendships through fun Christian
fellowship. Plan quarterly gatherings of ministry workers. Have a
banquet or special dessert evening. Plan for giveaways and special
or humorous awards. Show videos of your ministry in action. Add fun
interactive games and enjoy ministry.
8. Tell the stories. Feature occasional testimonies from your
volunteers. Have volunteers write out their testimonies and read
them during a worship service. This controls the testimony
9. Plan regular ministry presentations. A sharp and moving
ministry presentation can encourage others to serve. Plan regular
times in the worship service or other activities to show your
entire congregation the positive things happening in your ministry.
Highlight different ministry age levels each month.
10. Communicate your vision. If you don’t have written ministry
information, start the presses rolling. This is a must! Put
together easy brochures and/or newsletters. It’s critical that you
have instant information to give to visitors and new volunteers to
convey your vision.
11. Build a library of great recruiting resources. To become a
skilled recruiter, use these helpful resources:

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