Ministry Lessons From Walt Disney


It’s not what you can do by yourself in children’s ministry, but
it’s what the team of people you gather around you can do to make
it happen. The success of your ministry depends on the strength of
the team you build.

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  1. 1. Work hard to create a culture of family and fun within your
  2. Take time to share the philosophy and mission of your ministry
    with new team members before placing them in service.
  3. Give your new team members a spiritual gift and personality
    test so you can help them find their unique places of service. This
    leads to people enjoying their place of service and gives them
  4. Provide regular training for your team to help them grow in
    their leadership and ministry skills.
  5. Keep communication lines open with your team. Give team members
    opportunities to give you feedback and share their ideas.
  6. Regularly honor, encourage, and award team members.

Cue #10: New Ideas

The mouse has kept the signature items that have worked through
the years and at the same time has continued to add fresh, relevant
ideas that’ll reach out to a new generation. In the same way, we
must constantly look for new, fresh ideas. We must keep reading,
attending conferences, networking, asking questions, and searching
for new ways to minister to children.

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  1. When was the last time you got a fresh idea for your ministry
    and implemented it?
  2. Do you purposely take time to look for fresh ideas?
  3. Are you willing to look for fresh ideas outside your comfort
  4. Do you think you have arrived or do you have an attitude of
    learning and growing?

We walked away from the mouse’s house with some great family
memories. But I also walked away with a great challenge: If all
that time, energy, money, creativity, focus, and work is being
dedicated to a temporary, earthly purpose, how much more should I
give my best to sharing the eternal message of God’s Word with
children and families?

Dale Hudson is the children’s pastor at a church in Palm
Beach Gardens, Florida and co-author of the book Turbocharged!
(Group). Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and
prices are subject to change.

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