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Love One Another

What Kids Will Do: Make friendship stickers with hidden messages to encourage others.

What Kids Will Need: old magazines, scissors, wax paper, glue mixture, paintbrushes, resealable plastic bags or envelopes

Preparation Place: To speed up the process, you may want to cut out a supply of magazine letters and words ahead of time. Mix two tablespoons of white glue with one tablespoon white vinegar in a container, and seal it with a lid until class time. Pour it into small paper cups right before kids begin. This will be enough glue for about ten kids. Cut wax paper squares for a drying surface for the stickers.

Wows That Work

Allow kids to make extra stickers for themselves. They can even make stickers out of their own designs. If children are interested, write down the recipe for them so they can make stickers at home.

Steps for Kids -- Stick With Love

Bible Point: God wants us to love one another.

  1. Think of someone you want to encourage or show God's love to. Then cut out three or four small magazine pictures that you think that person would like. Also cut out letters or words from headlines that spell out a simple message for that person, such as "The Best" or "Friends."
  2. Lightly paint the backside of each picture, word, or letter with the glue mixture.
  3. Put them on wax paper to dry, sticky side up.

Tying It Together

While the stickers are drying, gather children in the story area.

Say: Jesus' disciple John wrote three letters to Christians everywhere to help them love God and other people. Let's read two verses from his second letter and see what they teach us.

Ask for a volunteer to read 2 John 5-6. Then ask:

  • What are these verses telling us to do?
  • What do you think it means to "walk in love"?
  • What are some ways you can show love to people in your life?

Say: God wants us to love one another. There are lots of ways to show people God's love. You could invite someone to play with you, say kind things when someone is sad or lonely, or give little gifts. Today we made special stickers to give to someone. When you give that person the stickers, explain that there's a special hidden message for him or her in the bag.

Have a few kids share who they plan on giving their stickers to. Hand out resealable plastic bags to the children. Make sure the stickers are dry before putting them inside the bags. Remind them to stick with love.

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