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Light in the Darkness | The Easter Path

During this Easter season, transport your families to Jesus' last week on Earth so they walk in his footsteps. Create a series of stations for families to experience the first Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter morning. Use this one on Good Friday. At the end of the article, find a link to all the stations.


Theme: Tomb

Host: Angel

Materials: Blindfolds, poster board, glow-in-the-dark paint, paintbrush, tape, and a Bible

The Scene: This station should be in a dark room or in a preconstructed tomb. Create a poster with the words to John 8:12 written on it in glow-in-the-dark paint, and tape the poster to the wall. It's important that families are able to leave the dark room and go directly to a well-lit area for the final station.

Experience: Have the Angel host meet families at the entrance. The host will tell families that they'll be entering the tomb where Jesus was buried. Before entering, have each person put on a blindfold. Guide families into the tomb and help them sit so they're facing the poster on the wall.

While people are still blindfolded, have them turn to a partner and discuss: What does it feel like to be in the dark? What would it be like to live in a world where it was always dark?

Say: Imagine how sad Jesus' followers were when he died on the cross. The Bible says that when Jesus died the earth shook, the world went dark, and the temple curtain tore from top to bottom. Even though it was a sad, dark day, we remember the day Jesus died as Good Friday.

Ask: Why would such a sad day be called "good"?

Say: Remove your blindfolds. There's a message on the wall. Silently read the message or have someone read it to you. Allow time.

Ask: How does it feel to be able to see God's Word now? How do you think it feels when someone first believes in Jesus?

Say: This is the good news of Easter! Because Jesus died on the cross for each of us, we don't have to live in darkness. If we follow Jesus, he'll be the light that guides us every day.

Say: When you entered the dark tomb, you carried your ball of sin with you. Jesus died for our sins, and we buried our sins with him. Leave your balls of sin in the tomb as we follow the light.

Guide families to the last station. The entrance into a bright room will help families experience the light of Jesus.

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