Lesson: Great is His Love


Easter Lesson

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Before class, make smiling faces with a permanent marker on room
temperature green grapes (enough for everyone in class). Also, make
angry faces on about one dozen grapes.

During class, give each child a smiling grape and a sheet of
white construction paper. Tell kids that this grape is now a child
they’re responsible for. On the construction paper, have children
draw everything their child will need to have a loving, healthy
life. Have children show and describe their drawings.

Then *say: Listen to what God’s Word says about how God
takes care of us.

Read aloud 1 John 3:1.

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Say: Loving and caring for someone takes effort on our
part. God takes care of us because he’s our heavenly Father and he
loves us.

Display the angry grapes on the table. Explain that they
represent the angry people who crucified Jesus. If possible, put a
cross in the middle of the grapes.

Say: Suppose you had to give your child to this angry
crowd of people to die on a cross. Would you? Why or why not?
That’s what God did for us. He gave us His Son, Jesus.

Read aloud 1 John 4:7-10.

Each time the word “love” or “God” is mentioned in these verses,
have children stand, then quickly sit down again. Read the passage
aloud two or three times to emphasize how often these words are

Close with a prayer, thanking God for his love in Jesus-God’s
greatest gift of all.

(Adapted from Helping Children Know God, Group



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