Jesus Covered Our Sins

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Easter is all about the truth that Jesus Covered Our Sins so use this amazing experience to help kids–and adults–understand that.

Construct a 6- to 8-foot cross from lumber, and mount it on a base so it stands upright. The week before Easter or early in the worship service, give each child a piece of red paper. On their papers, have children write specific sins they’ve committed or just their names as they remember a sin that needs to be confessed. Play music as children walk to the cross to tape or nail their red papers onto it.

Next, give each child a dozen white tissues and a white chenille stem. Show children how to fold the tissues like an accordion fan, tightly wrap the chenille stem around the center of the tissues, then fan out the layers of the tissues to create a large white flower. As you play or sing praise music again, have the children put their white flowers on the cross, covering all the red papers to celebrate Christ’s gift of forgiveness. Afterward take photos of the children in front of the cross.

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Anthony Guynes and Jan Kraushaar
Irvine, California

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