I (Heart) You!


A Valentine’s Day craft and object lesson that will show God’s
love to someone special.

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By Debbie Trafton O’Neal

Objective: Kids will show love to someone

Stuff you’ll need: Wallpaper or wrapping paper,
a covered box filled with scented powder, cotton balls, yarn, white
paper, and markers.

Children's Ministry Local Training

Text: 1 John 4:9-10

Tell kids to make a valentine heart to share with a friend. Cut
out one large heart shape from the decorative paper and the
same-sized heart shape from white paper. Write a message of love on
the white heart.

Punch holes 1/2-inch apart around the edges of the hearts.

Shake cotton balls in the scented powder. Then place one or two
cotton balls between your paper hearts. Lace around the edges and
tie off the yarn with a bow. Talk teasers: (Read the

Ask: According to this Scripture, how has God shown us his love?
What other ways has God shown you his love? How can you show others
that God loves them? that you love them?

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