How to Rev Up Your Sunday School


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“Why do I keep doing this? I’ll never reach those kids. Josh
already knows more than I do. And AJ doesn’t know any answers and
doesn’t really care. Of course Vicki and Emily will whisper through
most of the hour. And Todd will do his best to disrupt whatever we
do. It seems like we never make any progress.”

If you’ve taught fifth- and sixth-graders lately, you’ve probably
had Saturday night thoughts like this. What’s wrong with Sunday
school for this age group? What makes it so hard to reach them?
What’s lacking in curriculum? Here’s what teachers say-and ideas to
help solve the problems.


Let’s face it: We all like to have fun! But fifth- and
sixth-graders are a bit more demanding about it than adults. They
aren’t patient about being bored for an hour in Sunday school when
they could be home playing Nintendo or riding a mountain

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One problem is that most curriculum and Sunday school classes
attempt to pour biblical information into kids’ heads whether they
want it or not. As Rosetta McHugh of Bourbonnais, Illinois, puts
it: “Many people think Sunday school needs to be cut and dried-the
same old stuff every week. But kids need different things each
week: Go out somewhere, add puppets, or do some ‘off-the-wall,’
exciting things. Let kids laugh and get involved.”

Having fun in class isn’t just a time-filler. At this age
kids’social development is at a critical stage. What better place
is there for kids to develop appropriate social skills and
attitudes than with a bunch of other kids in the church? And after
all, shouldn’t learning about the Creator of the Universe be


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