Holy Week


Make your Holy Week both memorable and educational with a
week-long series of activities that will provide educational
opportunities each day from Palm Sunday..all the way to Easter.

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Palm Sunday marks the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on
a colt. The people waved palms to honor Jesus. In Jesus’ day,
people waved palms to welcome royalty. From the earliest days,
Christians carried palm branches to church to remember how Jesus
was welcomed to Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday. This tradition
continues to this day.

Coat Give Away

When Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a colt, the people threw
their coats on the ground before him as a sign of respect. The
children of your church can relive that same event as they give to
others who are less fortunate than themselves.

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Several weeks before Palm Sunday, invite your church members to
bring their old or outgrown winter coats to church on Palm Sunday.
Have church members keep theirs and their children’s coats with
them as they go to the worship service. Before children enter for
the Palm Sunday Parade, have church members throw the coats on the
aisle floors. As children enter for their parade, they’ll walk over
the coats. Have the last children in your procession gather the
coats as they walk past them and place them in a pile at the front
of your sanctuary as a visible symbol of outreach to others. Donate
the coats to a charity in your community.     

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