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Hidden and Revealed

Bestpaper1 for ages 9 to 12

You'll need Bibles, lemon juice, cotton swabs, paper, and a lamp

Before kids arrive, write the reference 1 Corinthians 4:5 with lemon juice on a sheet of paper for each child, using a cotton swab as a pen. When the lemon juice dries, the message will disappear.

Give each child one of the lemon juice messages. Have them each hold their paper and silently pray about the things they keep hidden in their life. Encourage them to talk to God about wrong things they think or do that no one else knows about.

Then have kids bring their papers to the lamp and hold them over the bulb without touching it. The ink will turn to brown and kids will be able to read the reference. Have kids look up 1 Corinthians 4:5. Ask: How does this verse make you want to live?

Say: This year, remember that God knows everything we do or think; there are no secrets we can keep from God. Let's focus on showing him our love and respect in all our decisions this year.

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