Healthy Goodbyes


As a parent, it’s never easy to leave your clinging or sobbing
child to attend worship service. These transition tips will help
your child feel secure while you’re away.

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  • Stay calm. Don’t lose your temper or get
    frustrated when your child clings to you. Your frustration only
    heightens your child’s feelings of sadness and insecurity.
  • Be positive. If you put on a sad face, the
    situation will only escalate. Keep a positive attitude and say
    things such as, “You’ll be just fine. You’re going to have so much
    fun here!” so your child will be confident you’re leaving him or
    her in a safe place.
  • Don’t linger. The longer you stay, the harder
    it is to leave. By lingering, you’re preventing your child from
    getting involved in activities that’ll distract him or her and
    alleviate anxiety.
  • Say goodbye. Sneaking out while your child’s
    back is turned betrays your child’s trust in you and the situation.
    Plus, it confirms your child’s worst fear — that you’re going to
    suddenly disappear. Give your child a hug, a time you’ll return,
    and then say goodbye.

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Rhoni Standefer
Knoxville, Tennessee


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