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God Hears Our Voices

Children's Ministry Magazine

A fun Bible activity to highlight how God hears our prayers.

Topic: Prayer
Scripture: 2 Chronicles 30:27
Game Overview: Kids will record their voices, then listen as they learn God hears our prayers.
Game Type: Low energy
Supplies: Bible, smartphone or tablet using either video or Audio Memo app

Gather children in an area where the video or audio app can be easily used. Say: Each of us is going to record a message. Then we'll play the recording to see if we can guess who's talking. When it's your turn, say, "God knows my voice when I talk to him."

Record each child's voice, and then start the recording to the beginning.

Leader Tip

You may want to jot down the order in which children speak. Be sure to leave a brief space after each voice so you can start and stop the recording without cutting off anyone's words.

Ask children to find a new place in the circle, and then play the recording and let kids guess who's talking.

At the end of the game, discuss the following question:

• What do you think it's like for God to hear all of our different voices?

Read 2 Chronicles 30:27; then say: God doesn't have to guess who's talking to him. God knows the voice of each person who talks to him. God hears us when we pray to him!



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