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Game: Listening to God

Children's Ministry Magazine

Form groups of three. Have one person in each group close his or her eyes. Have the other two take the person at least 20 feet away from their group.

Say: You have one minute to get back to your seat with your eyes closed. Your friends in your group will guide you, but listen well.

The "blind" people can't be led by the hand; they must follow only their group members' instructions. Play three times to let each group member have a turn being the blind one. Then ask: How easy or difficult was it to listen to your group members' voices? How did other people's instructions affect you? What techniques did you use to listen well?

Say: Listen to this story about a little boy who learned to listen well -- and heard God's voice.

Read aloud 1 Samuel 3:1-11.

Ask: Think of the techniques we used in our game to listen well. How can we use some of those same techniques to listen well to God?

Danielle Bell
Murfreesboro, Tennessee


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